Beauty Sleep For the Caravan

Gas, water, batteries: There are many issues you need to be awared of when parking and wintering of your motorhome. With the tips of promobil your vehicle remains fit for the new season.

The Winter Shine for Caravan

First cleaned: With car shampoo lathering completely at once, do not forget the roof, because here most of the dirt accumulates. We discovered during cleaning Farbabplatzer, should the repair or repaint as equal. Clean the underbody; remove also accumulations of earth or sand. Anyone looking to invest a little more in time and effort, the Mobil must be treated with liquid wax and a polishing machine. Although this is tedious, the structure is then but better protected from weather and dirt, and the next wash is easier as dirt adheres. The rubber seals on doors and windows should be treated only with silicone-free funds from the retailers, thereby sparing procedure.

Tank and equipment checks prior to RV-hibernation

The next step is to check the level of antifreeze, coolant and washer; if necessary, top up. Also Refuel fully, which reduces the volume of air in the tank: On the inside it form the less condensation that is going on with the diesel and could confuse or cause in metal tanks rust.
Parking increases the tire pressure by about half a bar to compensate for the gradual loss of air. Put the car in gear and release the hand brake, so that the brake pads do not rust in the brake drum. Wedges on the tires prevent rolling. Now just empty the water system. If the handset is frost-free through the winter, fill the water tank and conserve the water. The gas cylinder rotates to you. Now nothing stands in the way for hibernation.

Compact tips:
  • Clean: Wash structure and underbody thoroughly treat paint with wax
  • Air in tires: relieve it by about 0.5 increase the air pressure bar
  • Maintaining battery: recharge batteries, disconnect and overwinter frost-free – or be connected to the 230-volt network
  • Switch to swipe: open wall units and install padding, so that air can circulate better
  • Water Flow: The drain water system must be completely empty, pressure water pump separately
  • Covering: An air permeable shell protects the motorhome from dirt

Also here’s a nice informative video that pretty much sums up our article: