Winter Equipment For the Caravan

It can be a great experience in the winter to travel by camper or caravan in the mountains. But not every vehicle is winterized priori. The following equipment is what you need.

Many recreational vehicles are mothballed in winter and then put to wait in the parking space for the new season. Here winter campsite can be a real treat. In the ski resorts there are many Camingplätze that are adapted to the needs of the camper in winter.

How to make the mobile home suitable for winter?

Even when buying a motorhome you can pay attention to features that keep you warm in winter. Of course, some things can be retrofitted to make the vehicle winterized.

Who’s out already before buying a motorhome or a caravan it is clear that it is also time to camp in winter then you should pay attention to:

  • Caravan: floor and roof strength should be at least four centimeters thick. The walls should be three centimeters thick.
  • RV: For campers a heated double floor protects the board technology and the fresh and waste water tank from freezing.
  • Tip: Integrated motorhomes are best suited. Your walls are completely made in sandwich construction, better isolate the bodywork of the cab.
  • Heating: A floor heating or hot water heater in winter keeps feet warm.

Retrofitting for Winter Camping

Those who want to optimize their current car for the winter, should put a gas pressure regulator for two gas cylinders with automatic switchover. If the first bottle is empty, the gas from the second bottle is used without interruption.

Also special accessories help in the winter against the cold like thermo mats which keep out the cold in alcove and TI models. An awning serves as refrigeration and dirt trap, a cowl extension keeps the air deductions and restrictions under the wheels protect front from sinking into the ground.